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Tea Ball Infuser

Tea Ball Infuser

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Brew a perfect cup of tea with the stainless steel Tea Ball Infuser - the reusable alternative to tea bags! Just fill it with your favorite loose leaf tea and put it in your cup or teapot to steep. Hook the included chain to the handle and it will be a breeze to pull it out once it's done steeping.

The small size measures 5cm in diameter and can hold up to 2 teaspoons of most teas, while the large size measures 6.5cm in diameter and can hold up to 4 teaspoons of most teas.

You may notice that the box for the small size says "M" for medium. Why do we sell the medium as the small? Because the actual small size is far too small to be effective; loose tea needs space to float around as it infuses, and anything smaller than 5cm will result in an inferior cup of tea.

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