Ethics, Intention, and a Bit of Alchemy

Our Approach to Tea

  • Sourced with Integrity

    We are proud to know the farms and regions where our teas originate, as well as the journey they made to our warehouse where we meticuously blend, package, and ship each order by hand to be loved and shared by tea lovers around the world.

  • Hand-Crafted with Complexity

    Our Certified Tea Sommelier, conceptualizes, experiments, and refines blends that stretch beyond the tradition of British tea to explore processes and ingredients that, when combined, create brilliantly complex teas that are nothing short of magical.

  • Shared with Purpose

    As a family-owned and operated business, we personally oversee the selection, blending, and fulfillment of each order received. Not only are we doing what we love, but we are proud to deliver an exceptional tea experience to our customers from sale to sip.

Small Batch Teas, Curated & Customized by Our Certified Tea Sommelier

An absolute ace, Jackie owns and operates our sister company and flagship operation, The London Tea Room, and serves as our own Certified Tea Sommelier and master blender.

As a tea sommelier, Jackie’s expertise extends beyond mere tasting. She brings a deep knowledge of tea varieties, origins, brew methods, as well as the cultural and economical significance of its impact across different regions. By assessing the quality of our tea leaves, discerning their individual, subtle flavor profiles, and formulating their optimal brewing methods to enhance the tea-drinking experience, Jackie creates smooth, yet complex blends to curate an exceptional tea experience for tea lovers of all ages, backgrounds, and tenure.

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