About The London Tea Merchant

Growing up in England, excellent tea was part of our daily lives -- something we maybe even took for granted. Tea was as much a part of our culture as the Queen herself. We celebrated with it, sought reprieve in it, and had many conversations over it.

When we found ourselves relocating to America in the mid 80s, we felt a kettle-shaped void.

As a family of expats transplanted in the heart of Midwest America, we launched our flagship venture The London Tea Room in St. Louis, Missouri in 1987 as a way to share our passion for tea with our new neighbors. As The London Tea Room grew, it was clear that there was a need for high-quality loose-leaf black tea beyond St. Louis, and in 2015, The London Tea Merchant was born.

Through the growth of our family-owned and operated tea business, we’ve been given the unique opportunity to see and feel the impact and power of the tea experience. We’ve witnessed a community build with us, and around us, and we’ve experienced our own growth in our approach to tea and the blends we’ve created.

We’re here to share an exceptional tea experience with anyone who wishes to join and to build a community around a shared passion. Wherever you may be, join us in raising a cuppa to the incredible experience that is exceptional tea. Cheers!

Meet the Team

Completely family-owned and operated, we source, package, and ship all orders by hand to make sure every customer has an exceptional experience from sale to sip.

  • Alan & Pat (1st Generation)

    Founders of The London Tea Room
    (Happily Retired)

    Alan and Pat are where it all began. It was their dream that has shaped the reality that is The London Tea Merchant today, and they can often be found enjoying a cuppa with friends at our flagship shop and sister business, The London Tea Room.

  • Jackie (2nd Generation)

    Owner of The London Tea Room
    & Certified Tea Sommelier

    Jackie is the daughter of Alan and Pat and took the operational reins of the London Tea Room upon their retirement. Having earned her certification as a tea sommelier, Jackie can often be found experimenting and conjuring up the most magical blends in her tea lab.

  • Peter (3rd Generation)

    Owner of The London Tea Merchant

    Son of Jackie and grandson of Alan & Pat, Peter is the owner of The London Tea Merchant. While he is owner by title, Peter stretches far beyond the limitations of that role, actively managing operations, fulfillment, and customer service with a personal touch and attentiveness we pride ourselves on. Peter can often be found knee-deep in tea, tucked away in the best smelling warehouse this side of the pond.