British-Born, American-Made

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Great tea should be experienced.

Exceptional tea engages all of the senses, from its aromas and flavors to its unique tannins and textures. As enthusiasts (and finicky Brits with our tea) we select only the finest ingredients, brilliantly blended by the expert mind and capable hands of our certified Tea Sommelier, so you can experience the perfect cuppa, every time.

Stock your tea cabinet with fan favorites.

Loose-leaf blends, custom curated by our tea sommelier with significant aromas, textures, and flavors for an engaging, multisensory experience.

  • “...this tea finally turned my husband into a daily hot tea drinker…”

    Maple & Vanilla

  • “’s like a hug in a cup, and I can’t get enough of it…”

    Citrus, Hibiscus, & Vanilla

  • ...hands down the tastiest tea I have ever had…”

    Blackcurrant & Vanilla

Bitter about Bitterness?

Tea 101: Master the Art of the Brew

We’ll walk you through simple tips and tricks that will have you brewing like a pro in no time.

British-Born, American-Made

The London Tea Merchant is owned and operated by a British family living in America, sharing our love of exceptionally brilliant tea with the world.

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